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Reconstruction of Single-Cell Chromosome

DOI: 10.12677/HJCB.2019.91001, PP. 1-7

Keywords: Hi-C数据,低秩矩阵,低秩矩阵的完备化,最短距离法
Hi-C Data
, Low-Rank Matrix, Completion of Low-Rank Matrices, Shortest Distance Method

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Genomics is one of the core areas of bioinformatics; there are two main research directions of genomics, structural genomics targeting whole genome sequencing and functional genomics targeting gene function interpretation. In the past few decades, genomics has experienced considerable development. The prediction of the three-dimensional structure of chromosomes is of great significance for the study of genomics. The reconstruction of the three-dimensional structure of chromosomes is to predict the conformation of the three-dimensional image from the one-dimensional and two-dimensional data of the genome, and then use the data analysis method to judge the reliability of the three-dimensional structure of the reconstructed chromosome. This paper is based on the single-cell chromosome Hi-C technology and Hi-3C derived data to capture the interaction data of individual cells, write the contact frequency matrix, and then convert the contact frequency matrix into a distance matrix to further obtain the three-dimensional structure of the chromosome. The contact matrix of single-cell Hi-C data is sparse and noise-containing, missing many non-contact sites. We refer to such a matrix as a low-rank matrix. The first problem we have to solve is the processing of low rank matrices, also called the completion of low rank distance matrices. This paper introduces several common low-rank matrix completion methods including optimization method and shortest distance method. It also introduces the different methods used in this paper. Finally, the final conclusion is obtained through MATLAB and compared of human research results.


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