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Shape Control of Silica Powder Formation

DOI: 10.4236/msce.2019.73004, PP. 49-55

Keywords: Amorphous Materials, Porous Materials, Powder Formation, SiO2

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The purpose of the present research is the different morphologies production of crystalline and amorphous-silica powder. It’s a basic material for many pharmaceutical and environmental applications as well. And, it’s produced using the combination of the alkali chemical etching process and the ultra-sonication technique. The critical preparation conditions are KOH concentration (weight %) and the sonication time (hour). The paper presents the chemical mechanism of the silica particle formation as well as the different morphology. The results show the formation of crystalline and amorphous-porous-silica particles in the micrometer range with the porous order network that has pore sizes range in micrometer too. This synthetic uses commercial silicon, which could be useful for large-scale production. Also, the nano-sphere and nano-cubic shapes of silica powder are formed starting by commercial silicon powder.


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