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-  2018 

Evaluation method of asphalt and aggregate adhesion durability

Keywords: 道路工程,沸煮法,沥青与集料黏附性,评价标准
road engineering
,boiling method,adhesion between asphalt and aggregate,evaluation standard

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为了定量评价沥青与集料黏附性,提出新的沸煮试验方法,并与水煮法进行对比试验。选取5种A级70??#基质沥青和5种SBS改性沥青,采用旋转薄膜老化试验(RTFOT)模拟沥青短期老化,采用压力老化试验(PAV)模拟沥青长期老化,以原样沥青为对照,制备成30种不同老化程度的样品,与3种岩性粗集料进行排列组合,共计开展90组黏附性试验,并提出了基于水煮法和沸煮法的沥青与集料黏附性综合评价方法。研究结果表明:水煮法试验中,随着沥青老化程度加深,基质沥青与集料的黏附性等级总体呈上升趋势,改性沥青老化前后与所有集料的黏附性等级均为5级,水煮法对改性沥青失效;沸煮法试验中,沥青的黏附时间从大到小依次为长期老化、短期老化、未老化试件,3种集料的黏附时间从大到小依次为石灰岩、闪长岩、花岗岩;将不规则集料制备成直径为19 mm的球形集料,消除表面形状缺陷后,水煮法判定各种沥青与球形集料的黏附性等级均为5级,无法区分,而沸煮法仍可准确得到沥青与球形集料的黏附时间。水煮法用黏附性等级作为评价指标,沸煮法用黏附时间作为评价指标,以球形集料为标准试件,并给出基质沥青及改性沥青短期老化的技术要求。
To quantitatively evaluate the adhesion between asphalt and aggregate, a boiling test was performed,and the results were compared with the water boiling method. Five types of A??class 70??# matrix asphalt and five types of SBS modified asphalt was selected, rolling thin film oven tester(RTFOT) were adopted to simulate the short??term aging. Pressure ageing vessel(PAV) was adopted to simulate long??term aging. The original asphalt was used as contrast, 30 samples with different aging degrees were prepared using three types of lithologic coarse aggregate. Ninety adhesive tests were conducted in total. A comprehensive evaluation method of adhesion of asphalt and aggregate based on water boiling and boiling was proposed. The results show that the adhesion grade between the matrix asphalt and aggregate increases with the increase of asphalt aging degree, for the water boiling method, and the adhesion grades between modified asphalt before and after aging with all kinds of aggregate are level 5. The water boiling method is ineffective to the modified asphalt. Boiling test results show that the rule of adhesion time is aging, short??term aging, non??aging from large to small, the adhesion time is limestone, diorite and granite from large to small. The irregular aggregate is prepared in the form of a spherical aggregate with a diameter of 19 mm to eliminate surface shape defects. The adhesive grade of all asphalt types and aggregates is level 5 of water boiling method. Water boiling unable to distinguish adhesion time,however, the boiling method can still effectively evaluate the adhesion time of asphalt and spherical aggregates. To compare between the two methods of adhesion evaluation of asphalt and aggregate,the adhesive grade is used as the evaluation index in the water boiling method, and the adhesion time is used as the evaluation index in the boiling method and the spherical aggregate is used as the standard sample. The technical requirements for the short??term aging of matrix asphalt and the modified asphalt are proposed. 4 tabs, 7 figs, 23 refs.?


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