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-  2018 

Reinforcement of orthotropic steel bridge deck for cable-stayed bridge based on UHPC paving system

Keywords: 桥梁工程,正交异性钢桥面板,加固,桥面铺装,超高性能混凝土,荷载试验
bridge engineering
,orthotropic steel bridge deck,reinforcement,bridge pavement,ultra-high performance concrete,load test

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The damage of pavement and fatigue cracks are the common problems in orthotropic steel bridge deck. Based on the Haihe Bridge of Tianjin which had been troubled by the disease mentioned above for a long time, the distribution characteristics and the main causes of the disease were analyzed. According to the main causes of the disease, a reinforcement method of using the ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) was presented, which formed a composite structure with bridge deck by shear studs. The method was firstly applied to the reinforcement of long span cable-stayed bridges. Based on the finite element analysis and the real bridge comparison test before and after the reinforcement of the bridge, the stress situation of the key parts of the UHPC layer and the bridge panel was analyzed. And then the condition of the reinforced bridge was monitored for two years. The results show that the major cause of the bridge diseases was its weak stiffness, the fatigue cracks occur under the long-term action of heavy vehicle. The steel bridge deck changes into composite bridge deck after reinforcement, whose stiffness increases significantly, and the structural force conditions are obviously improved. The stress of the U ribs, the diaphragm and the deck-plate is declined by 52.7%, 39.2% and 28.3% respectively. UHPC pavement reinforcement can effectively inhibit the generation and development of fatigue cracks, and the tensile strength of the UHPC can satisfy the required maximum stress. The monitoring shows that the pavement is still in good condition and the steel box girder has no new cracks under the operating condition of heavy traffic. The reinforcement method of using UHPC pavement to the orthotropic steel bridge deck bridge has superiority and technical feasibility in improving its stress condition


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