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-  2016 

Simplified Calculation Method of Impact Force Based on Vessel-bridge Collision Contact Time

Keywords: 船-桥碰撞,接触时间,船撞力,简化计算方法
vessel-bridge collision
,contact time,impact force,simplified calculation method

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The contact time of representative bridges impacted by different tonnages vessel was analyzed preliminarily using numerical simulation. According to vessel-bridge collision dynamics model, the theoretical solutions of impact force and contact time were obtained. The influences of parameters, such as mass of ship, initial impact velocity and stiffness of ship and pier, on contact time were analyzed. The simplified calculation formula of contact time was obtained by data fitting, and verified by numerical simulation through practical vessel??bridge collision engineering. The definition of contact time of floating debris??bridge collision in ??General Code for Design of Highway Bridges and Culverts?? was amended. Based on impulse theorem, the relation between contact time of vessel??bridge collision and peak impact force was analyzed. The relationships between time history curves of impact force and sine wave and triangular wave were studied, and compared with the numerical simulation results. The simplified calculation formula of peak impact force was established. The results show that contact time of vessel-bridge collision is related to mass of ship and contact stiffness. The calculation values of peak impact force agree well with the numerical simulation results


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