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-  2016 

Research on the International Competitiveness and Potential Development of Edible Fungi Products in China

Keywords: 食用菌产品 出口竞争力 贸易竞争力指数 显示性比较优势指数 贸易潜力 贸易结合度指数 贸易互补性指数

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基于1992-2014年联合国商品贸易统计(UN COMTRADE),从全球贸易视角出发,利用MS指数、TC指数、RCA指数、DTL指数以及TCI指数,分析了中国食用菌产品贸易现状、竞争力及贸易潜力,并在此基础上进行国别比较。结果发现:1992-2014年,中国食用菌出口额的国际市场占比呈现“持续上升 波动下降 波动上升”态势,年均市场占有率保持在36.55%水平上,是世界重要的食用菌出口大国;与法国、美国、波兰和韩国相比,中国在世界食用菌贸易中的竞争力明显;中国与日本食用菌贸易存在互补性并具有较大的贸易潜力。基于以上分析,提出稳定现有品种,加大野生珍稀食用菌良种培育研发;巩固传统贸易市场,积极开拓中国食用菌贸易新领域;健全食用菌产品生产标准体系,做好出口监管与稽查工作,推进中国食用菌产品贸易的进一步发展。
On the basis of United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics Database (UN COMTRADE),this paper employed International Market Share Index (MS),Trade Competitive Index (TC),Revealed Comparative Advantage (RCA),Degree of Trade Linkage (DTL) and Trade Complementarity Index (TCI) to analyze the current situation,competitiveness and potential development of edible fungi products in China and to make a comparison between China and other countries.Results show that: ① the international market share of China’s edible fungi from 1992 to 2014 has experienced three major phases,namely the rising phase,the fluctuating decreasing phase and the fluctuating rising phase,and annual market share has remained at 36.55%.② compared with France,USA,Poland and South Korea,China’s edible fungi trade is a stronger worldly competitive power.③ the trade of edible fungi between China and Japan is complementary and has great trade potentiality.On the basis of analysis,suggestions are put forward to maintain the current species,promote research and development of China’s thoroughbred breeding of rare edible fungi,consolidate the traditional trading market and actively explore new trade markets,establish and improve the edible fungus production standard system,strictly implement export supervision and inspection work so as to promote the further development of China’s edible fungi product trade.


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