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-  2015 

Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Main Edible Fungi Species in China——Based on Shiitake Mushroom and Oyster Mushroom

Keywords: 食用菌 空间相关性 Moran’I指数 集聚
edible fungi spatial correlation Moran’I index aggregation

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This paper analyzes the spatial and temporal evolution of two main edible fungi species——the shiitake mushroom and oyster mushroom,from 31 provinces in China between 2001 and 2013 by employing the method of spatial statistics.The result shows that the edible fungi industry is developing rapidly in China,the general gap is narrowing,but the difference between regions is evident.The main edible fungi producing areas is gradually evolved from the eastern coastal,central,south China and northeast China to the eastern coastal,central China,north China and northeast of China,and Fujian’s core location status was replaced by Henan and Shandong provinces.The phenomenon of edible fungi producing areas changing from south to north is obvious at the same time.Shiitake mushroom and oyster mushroom have the obvious spatial correlation in space and agglomeration phenomenon,and the aggregation of oyster mushroom is more obvious than that of shiitake mushroom.


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