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-  2015 

Cloning and coding region mutation of FN1 as an anorectal malformation candidate gene in pigs

Keywords: FN1 肛门闭锁 猪 SNPs
FN1 anorectal malformation pig SNPs

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利用猪的SNP芯片筛选锁肛致病候选基因,在猪15号染色体候选区域筛选出纤连蛋白1 (fibronectin 1,FN1)基因。分别用锁肛猪和正常猪cDNA池克隆得到FN1基因开放阅读框的7 437 bp序列,鉴定3个选择性剪切外显子,并通过直接测序获得21个编码区单核苷酸多态位点(SNPs)。其中第22外显子的148A>G和第27外显子的50G>C引起氨基酸的改变(1 167Ile>Val,1 435Glu-Asp),且这2个SNPs在现有锁肛猪和正常猪样品中基因型频率和基因频率均差异显著。研究结果提示FN1基因的突变可能影响肛门直肠的正常发育过程,但还需要进一步的功能验证。
SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) chips were applied to screen the candidate genes linked with anorectal malformation,and the Fibronectin1 (FN1) gene on porcine chromosome 15 was captured as a candidate gene.By direct sequencing using the cDNA pools,we obtained the porcine FN1 mRNA sequence with a 7 437 bp ORF,encoding 2 478 aa.And 21 SNPs as well as three regions subject to alternative splicing were also identified.Of these SNPs,two (148 A>G in exon 22,50 G>C in exon 27) were non-synonymous (1 167Ile>Val,1435Glu-Asp).PCR-RFLP analysis of these two SNPs suggested that the allele and genotype frequencies in the AA pigs and unaffected pigs were different (P<0.05).Therefore,FN1 mutations may affect the normal development of anorectal process,but the result need to be further verified.


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