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-  2018 

Transient Thermal Stress Analysis of Variable Properties for Two-dimensional Functionally Graded Material Plates under Non-uniform Temperature Field

Keywords: 非均匀温度场,组分系数,二维功能梯度材料板,热应力
non-uniform temperature field
,component coefficient,2D-FGM plate,thermal stress

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In this paper, the transient thermal stress distribution of variable property for two-dimensional functionally graded material (FGM) plates under non-uniform temperature field is investigated. The model for Al1100-Ti6Al4V-ZrO2 two-dimensional FGM plate is established and the finite element solution for 2D-FGM plate is constructed, which are obtained by calculating 1) the distribution of two-dimensional FGM plate transient thermal stress in different time transient; 2) the distribution of variable property (component coefficient along the plate length and width direction) two-dimensional FGM plate transient thermal stress; 3) under non-uniform temperature field (including constant temperature and linear temperature distribution, nonlinear temperature distribution and temperature distribution of periodic) the distribution of transient thermal stress in two-dimensional FGM plate. The present method can be used as a reference for calculating and analyzing the transient thermal stress for two-dimensional functionally graded materials plate


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