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-  2016 

The Experimental and Theoretical Study of Oil Droplet Behaviors after Oblique Collision in Bearing Chamber

Keywords: 试验,轴承腔,油滴,斜碰撞,铺展特性,特征直径,碰撞状态
design of experiments
,bearing chamber,oil droplet,oblique collision,spreading behaviors characteristic,diameter collision outcome

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针对先前研究工作的不足,采用VOF(volume of fluid)方法建立了用于油滴/固体壁面斜碰撞分析的三维对称数值模型,并设计制作了相应的试验装置。通过试验研究和数值分析相结合的方式,分析了油滴/固体壁面斜碰撞后沉积油膜在倾斜壁面上沿不同方向的铺展特性,根据大量的数值计算结果建立了沉积油膜最大特征直径与油滴入射工况条件之间的无量纲化函数关系;最后根据能量守恒的原理推导出一个判断油滴/壁面斜碰撞状态的方法,并借助试验结果对文中的判断方法进行了验证,证实了该判断方法的可靠性。文中开展的研究工作为轴承腔中油气两相流动分析提供了基础理论依据,具有较高的学术意义和工程应用价值。
Considering the limitations in the present study, a three dimension symmetrical numerical calculation model using Volume of Fluid(VOF)method and an experimental setup about oil droplet/solid surface oblique collision have been built. Combining experimental and numerical methods, the paper studied the oil droplet spreading behaviors in the inclined direction and the depth direction of the solid surface. Then a lot of numerical calculations have been done in a wide range of conditions to establish the functional relationship between the characteristic diameter and collision conditions. Finally, the paper deduced a criterion that would predict the oblique collision outcome between an oil droplet and solid surface from the point of energy conversation. With the experimental data from this paper, the criterion is verified. The research work in this paper provide a neecessity for improvement of the efficiency of aero engines and has high academic value


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