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-  2015 

Surface modification of Ti?49.8at%Ni alloy by Ti ion implantation: phase transformation, corrosion, and cell behavior


Keywords: surface modification,ion implantation,phase transformation,corrosion resistance,shape memory effect

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The Ti?49.8at%Ni alloy was modified by Ti ion implantation to improve its corrosion resistance and biocompatibility. The chemical composition and morphologies of the TiNi alloy surface were determined using atomic force microscopy (AFM), auger electron spectroscopy (AES), and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The results revealed that Ti ion implantation caused the reduction of Ni concentration and the formation of a TiO2 nano-film on the TiNi alloy. The phase transformation temperatures of the Ti–TiNi alloy remained almost invariable after Ti ion implantation. Electrochemical tests indicated that the corrosion resistance of TiNi increased after Ti ion implantation. Moreover, the Ni ion release rate in 0.9% NaCl solution for the TiNi alloy remarkably decreased due to the barrier effect of the TiO2 nano-film. The cell proliferation behavior on Ti-implanted TiNi was better than that on the untreated TiNi after cell culture for 1 d and 3 d.


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