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-  2018 

Microstructure and properties of Ag–Ti3SiC2 contact materials prepared by pressureless sintering


Keywords: Ag–Ti3SiC2,contact materials,wettability,pressureless sintering

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Ti3SiC2-reinforced Ag-matrix composites are expected to serve as electrical contacts. In this study, the wettability of Ag on a Ti3SiC2 substrate was measured by the sessile drop method. The Ag–Ti3SiC2 composites were prepared from Ag and Ti3SiC2 powder mixtures by pressureless sintering. The effects of compacting pressure (100–800 MPa), sintering temperature (850–950°C), and soaking time (0.5–2 h) on the microstructure and properties of the Ag–Ti3SiC2 composites were investigated. The experimental results indicated that Ti3SiC2 particulates were uniformly distributed in the Ag matrix, without reactions at the interfaces between the two phases. The prepared Ag–10wt%Ti3SiC2 had a relative density of 95% and an electrical resistivity of 2.76 × 10-3 mΩ·cm when compacted at 800 MPa and sintered at 950°C for 1 h. The incorporation of Ti3SiC2 into Ag was found to improve its hardness without substantially compromising its electrical conductivity; this behavior was attributed to the combination of ceramic and metallic properties of the Ti3SiC2 reinforcement, suggesting its potential application in electrical contacts.


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