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-  2017 

牦牛 DKK1基因多态性及其与生长性状的相关性
Association of Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of DKK1 Gene with Growth Traits in Yak

DOI: 10.7606/j.issn.1004-1389.2017.07.003

Keywords: 牦牛 DKK1基因 单核苷酸多态性(SNP) 相关性
Yak DKK1 gene Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) Correlation Analysis

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选取麦洼牦牛、类乌齐牦牛、申扎牦牛、帕里牦牛和斯布牦牛5个群体共287头个体,采用直接测序法检测牦牛 DKK1基因的SNP位点,分析其与生长性状的相关性。结果表明,牦牛 DKK1基因存在2个突变位点, g.983A→G位点和g.1075C→G位点;位点g.983A→G在斯布牦牛中处于Hardy-Weinberg不平衡状态,其余位点处于平衡状态。在遗传多态性研究中,2个SNP位点均为中度多态。2个位点不同基因型与体高、体斜长、胸围、管围和体质量的相关分析结果显示,位点g.983A→G与体高、体斜长、胸围和体质量均具有相关性;位点g.1075C→G与生长性状不相关。
To investigate the genetic polymorphism of Dickkopf-1 ( DKK1) gene in yak and reveal the association between SNPs detected and growth traits,and looking for alternative auxiliary marker. This study selected 287 individuals which include five yak breeds named Maiwa,Leiwuqi ,Shenzha ,Pali and Sibu,to detect the SNPs of the DKK1 gene in yaks and its correlation with the growth traits of yak. The results showed that:there are two mutations in the DKK1 gene,each of them has three different genotypes. The χ value of g.983A→G site in SB yak was 6.324 2,which meant the site was out-off-balance of the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (HWE),but the rest of sites matched the balance of the HWE;the distribution of both SNPs were moderate polymorphic;the correlation analysis between different genotypes of two SNPs of DKK1 gene and body height,body length,chest bust,cannon circumference,body mass and other growth traits showed that g.983A→G site was associated with body height,body length,chest bust,and body mass,but no significant difference was detected between g.1075C→G and growth traits.


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