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-  2015 


Keywords: 协商民主 城中村治理 基层治理Value and Practice of Deliberative Democracy in Governance of Villages Inside Cities
deliberative democracy governance of villages inside cities grassroots governance

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The accelerated development of city and the profound changes in social structure make the villages inside cities and the community governance face many new challenges. On the one hand, various social contradictions and social problems in the region are concentrated and of multiple trend.On the other hand, the independent management, the democratic and legal consciousness and interest demand of the residents are rising, while the local government management system and working methods have many unsuitable points,which makes the community governance performance difficult to achieve the ideal state.Therefore,to explore the best combination of interface interaction between government administrative management and grassroots mass autonomy has been a difficult problem in both theory and practice. Deliberative democracy largely not only meets the demand of benign interaction between government and villagers in governance of villages inside cites,but also provides the mechanism of interests integration,effective public participation mechanism and negotiation mechanism for the grassroots governance of the city.With the current operation of grassroots negotiation mechanism still in the exploratory stage,we should focus on the improvement of deliberative democracy system and the cultivation of the ability of the deliberative body so as to effectively promote the reform and innovation of society governance of villages inside cities.


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