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-  2016 

以理义悦其心:岳麓书院学规对当代高校学生 手册的启示
Being Pleasured by Reason and Justice: The Enlightenment of School Regulations of Yuelu Academy to Contemporary Student Handbook of University

Keywords: 理义,徽言,行为规范,德育,岳麓书院学规,高校 学生手册
reason and justice
, moderate language, rules and regulations, moral education, school regulations of Yuelu Academy, Student Handbook of university

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岳麓书院学规,虽几经流变,却一直“以理义悦其心”为 特点,具体体现在以“理义”为核心,以讲究求道、择良友、贵笃 行为核心,激发学生内心向善的本性;以“徽言”为载体,讲究 以温婉劝勉式的语言表达对学生的尊敬与诚意,使学生易于从 心底接受;并最终以“悦其心”为目的,培养了大批爱国、为民的 思想家。这为当代高校学生手册提供了启示:核心理念的转变, 即由从上而下的管理者到“以理义悦其心”的引导者;内容的转 变,即由重智育、行为规范的内容转变为加强德育的内容;话语 的转变,即由严肃刻板的语言转变为温婉劝勉式的语言等。
Although the school regulations of Yuelu Academy have been changed for several times, it were always featured by “pleasured by reason and justice”. In detail, it used “reason and justice” for core, which means using seeking Tao, selecting good companion, practicing sincerely for core to stimulate students’ nature of goodness. It used “tactful expressions” for carrier, which means using mild and advising words to express the esteem and sincerity of students. It used “pleasing students” for purpose, cultivating a lot of patriotic thinkers. All those enlighten the Student Handbook of university nowadays, such as the transformation of core idea, contents, expression, etc.


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