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-  2016 

A Study of National Style and Geographical Style of “Xiang Ji Dance” by Xi Shi in Wu

Keywords: 吴地 西施响屐舞 民族风格 地域风格
Wu Xiang Ji Dance national style geographical style

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the “Xiang Ji Dance” by Xi Shi (who was one of the renowned Four Beauties of ancient China) sets up a separate flag in the dance history of Wu (referred to the Wu Country in Spring and Autumn Period of ancient China). Its unique characteristics are influenced by the national style and regional style of Wu .In the paper, the author discusses the influence of regional culture, environment and spirit on the dance movements, postures and rhythm, as well as the influence of geographical environment on the regional homogeneity and heterogeneity style of dance patterns, performance forms, dance movements and dance properties. It discusses the unique value of the"Xiang Ji Dance".


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