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-  2016 

Tang Zhongmian and the Compilation of Jiaqing Haizhou ZhiLi Zhouzhi

Keywords: 唐仲冕 嘉庆海州 直隶州志 编纂
Tang Zhong-mian Jiaqing Haizhou Zhili Zhouzhi compilation

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Under the promotion of the government to compile Da Qing Yi Tong Zhi, which formed the climax of compiling chronicles across the country,Jiaqing Haizhou Zlii Zhouzhi came into being in this background. At the same time, Qianjia is also the flourishing period of textual research, which inevitably affected the style of the chronicles. The book is closely related to personal interests of Tang Zhong-mian. In order to have a profound understanding of Fangzhi in this period, this article gives deep discussion on the issue of the local chronicles.


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