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-  2018 

A Discussion from the Change of Fate:The Time Value of “Sui” Hexagrams

Keywords: 周易 时义 随卦 随时 时用
Zhouyi ﹙The Book of Changes﹚ Time meaning "Sui" hexagrams anytime Time effect

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The Book of Changes focuses exclusively on the interpretation of the "timing" righteousness, in which the number of "timing" is 41, There are twenty-four hexagram discussion time of the Tuan Zhuan."The Book of Changes.Tuan Zhuan "states that the main value of the " Sui" hexagrams is timing. This article will follow the hexagrams to taste its rationale, and know its meaning. "Sui" hexagrams its righteousness, emphasizing "at any time." In addition to having the meaning of "superficial and profound", "anytime" also has the function of "using" and the function of "time" of "drastic changes". The meaning of "Sui" is as follows:1)"Shi" : At any time do the good deeds. Based on the principle that "the world will change with time," it is necessary to understand the meaning of "sui" when others are rigid, we respond softly, interacting with each other and are happy. We can not completely uphold our own opinions and interests. We need to accommodate the wisdom and opinions of others while taking into consideration the interests of others. Only by combining our own wisdom with the interests and the wisdom and interests of the community can we get everyone's return and create a happy society.2)"Sui" the greatest usefulness of timing is wisdom.The timing value of "Sui" is in parallel with the timing. When it is time to act, when it is time to stop. Don't lose the opportunity.


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