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-  2018 

On Mao Zedong's Sinicization of Marx Doctrine——From the Perspective of Marx's Epistemology

Keywords: 马克思主义中国化 实践理念 “具体化” “结合” “理论性的创造”
sinicization of marxism practical ideas concretization combination theoretical creation

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Mao Zedong has a deep understanding and a very penetrating exposition of the Sinicization of Marx doctrine. The establishment of socialist practical goals by the National Congress of the Communist Party of China provides a realistic basis for Mao Zedong to start thinking of "Sinicization", and his rational cognition of the problem of individualization in the application of scientific theory,which is the logical starting point for his concrete exploration and study of "Sinicization". Mao Zedong not only scientifically revealed that the intrinsic nature of "Sinicization" lies in "concretization", but also expounded in detail on the fundamental means of realizing "Sinicization", that is, to combine the basic principles of Marxism with China's reality. At the same time, he profoundly pointed out that the fundamental purpose of "Sinicization" lies in "theoretical creation".


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