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-  2015 

Re-examination of the Argument in the Continuation of A Dream of Red Mansions by Gao E from The Perspective of Hermeneutics

Keywords: 诠释学 重审 《红楼梦》 高鹗续书说 曹雪芹
hermeneutics re-examination A Dream of Red Mansions argument of Gao E’s completing the unfinished novel Cao Xueqin

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The argument that the successive forty chapters of A Dream of Red Mansions are completed by Gao E is one of the main conclusions in the late study of this novel, which highlights the study of A Dream of Red Mansions for nearly a hundred years. Although some scholars always dissent, no one has ever examined systematically this argument from the perspective of hermeneutics. All aspects and dimensions considered, this paper holds that as a result of the special living conditions of the interpreters like Hu Shi, the novel was put forward in the specific cultural and historical situation of the twentieth century. The argument is not valid. The author sorts out a series of evidence which are paid less attention by the predecessors and makes a more full exposition through intensive reading and theoretical speculation,and reckons that the main part of the successive forty chapters may be a rewriting edition of Cao Xueqin's manuscript after its destruction.


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