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-  2016 

Crux of the dilemma of government and social cooperation: Behind of a “Community Inclusion” project

DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1008-5831.2016.01.027

Keywords: “社区共融”项目,政社合作,困境,症结
“Community Inclusion” project
,government and social cooperation,dilemma,crux

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The "Community Inclusion" project in S City P District is the result of government and social cooperation which built on the basis of demand fit. Remarkable results achieved in pre-project confirmed the initial success of "government and social cooperation" in the United Front field. However, with the gradual progress of the project, the project gradually appeared operation dilemma, a phenomenon called "involution": purchasing form is not uniform; project objectives bold aesthetic; accountability relationship is not clear; social workers in the United Front field are left in an ambiguous position; the project is undertaken by the lack of professional space; the wastage rate of social workers in the United Front field is higher and a stable professional team is difficult to maintain. Through further analysis, we find that the dilemma of government and social cooperation stems from the "three deficiencies": lack of knowledge of grassroots government departments; lack of credibility of social organization; lack of social work personnel and professional space. Government and community organizations need to make joint efforts in order to build a healthy, positive cooperative interaction.


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