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-  2017 

Thermal comfort of students in rural primary and secondary schools in winter in Qinghai province

DOI: 10.11835/j.issn.1674-4764.2017.01.006

Keywords: 热舒适 热环境 MTS aPMV
thermal comfort thermal environment MTS aPMV

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The subjective questionnaires were conducted on dressing condition and thermal sensation for more than 420 students of 10 classrooms in 4 rural primary and secondary schools in Qinghai. At the same time, the indoor and outdoor parameters were measured, such as temperature and relative humidity, air speed and globe temperature etc. The results showed that the measured and predicted thermal neutral temperature were 13.8℃ and 14.5℃, respectively. The preferred temperature was 16.2℃, and the thermal comfort temperature range accepted by 90% students was 15.8℃~18.7℃. Students had the adaptability to partial cold environment under the facts of cold climate conditions, dressing habit, psychological expectation and physical characters. Adaptive PMV model (aPMV) was proposed to predict students' mean thermal Sensation. It could provide basis for the design of indoor environment in rural primary and secondary classrooms in winter.


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