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-  2015 

The Collaborative Governance Mass Organization and the Transformation of “Township Government and Rural Autonomy”

Keywords: 乡政村治 村民自治 乡村治理 协同治理型群众组织
Township government and rural autonomy management
, Rural autonomy, Rural governance, Collaborative governance mass organization

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In recent years, A new type of social organization of rural governance by the government to actively foster and support the broad participation of rural governance matters and has a solid mass foundation for rural governance system had a significant impact. This article takes Xintai ping-an associations in Shandong province and Yunfu Xiang-xian associations in Guangdong province as examples, to analyze the impact of this new social organization. By generalizing the two cases, we found that there are three significant features as the functions of governance, organizational mass and collaborative work thus their decision is different from the quasi-governmental organizations, but also from NGO. In this article, we use "collaborative governance mass organization " to sum up the new type social organization, and analyze that collaborative governance mass organization embedded in the current system of rural governance, build a platform for positive interaction between the Government and society,achieve a reasonable division of labor and administrative autonomy and effective interface, thereby promoting the transition of " township government and rural autonomy " system.


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