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-  2017 

Study on the chemcial composition variations of Cistanche tubulosa during the whole growth period

Keywords: 管花肉苁蓉 松果菊苷 毛蕊花糖苷 甘露醇
Cistanche tubulosa echinacoside verbascoside mannitol

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为明确管花肉苁蓉物质成分动态变化规律,分析管花肉苁蓉全生育期干物质累积量、可溶性糖、淀粉、毛蕊花糖苷、松果菊苷和甘露醇含量的变化。结 果表明:1)管花肉苁蓉全生育期内,可溶性糖含量持续降低,由146.89 mg/g降低至54.28 mg/g,淀粉含量在未伸长期内不断升高,峰值为44.87 mg/g,出土后迅速降低。单株干物质累积量呈现"S"型,在伸长期达到142.11 g,之后相对稳定。2)营养生长阶段,相同质量管花肉苁蓉松果菊苷、毛蕊花糖苷、甘露醇含量不受季节影响,松果菊苷含量和毛蕊花糖苷含量随着管花肉苁蓉单株干物质累积量增加而降低,甘露醇含量则先升高后降低。全生育期内,松果菊苷和毛蕊花糖苷累积量表现为未伸长期 >伸长期 >现蕾期 >开花期 >蒴果形成期。松果菊苷、 毛蕊花糖苷和甘露醇累积量在营养生长阶段不断升高,出土开花后不断降低。3)相关分析表明松果菊苷含量、毛蕊花糖苷含量和可溶性糖含量显著正相关,相关系数分别达到0.87和0.89。
The objective of this study was to clarify the dynamic patterns of the chemical composition of Cistanche tubulosa during the whole life cycle.The variation on dry weight and the contents of soluble sugar,starch,echinacoside,verbascoside as well as mannitol in C.tubulosa were fully characterized.The results indicated that:1) The contents of soluble sugar consistently decreased from 146.89 mg/g to 54.28 mg/g during the whole growth period of C.tubusola. The content of starch increased during pre-elongation stage while decreased rapidly after germination of C.tubulosa. The highest content of starch was 44.87 mg/g."S" type increment was observed for the plant weight during the entire growth period,and maximum value occurred after elongation stage.2) The contents of pharmacological ingredients in C.tubulosa corresponding to the same weight were not varied with seasons in the nutrition growth stage;however,the increment were found for the contents of those effective compounds with the dry weight growing of C.tubulosa;The highest contents of echinacoside and verbascoside occurred at pre-elongation stage,which was successively followed by elongation stage,squaring stage,flowering stage,and pod formation stage.The content of mannitol increased before July in the nutrition growth stage,and subsequently decreased until the end life cycle.The accumulations of echinacoside,verbascoside and mannitol were continuously observed over the nutrition growth stage.However,their contents were decreased in the reproductive stage.3) The content of soluble sugar exhibited significant correlation with the contents of echinacoside along with verbascoside,and the correlation coefficients were 0.87 and 0.89,respectively.


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