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-  2017 

Current status of and analysis on the mechanical technology of plastic film

Keywords: 地膜 机械化技术 铺膜播种 残膜回收
plastic film mechanization technology membrane planter residual plastic film collecting

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Researches on the domestic mechanization of plastic film collection were systematically summarized in this study.The structure characteristics and working principle of two typical machines (plastic film mulching planter and collecting machine) were analyzed and compared in detail,and the existing problems in the current applied technology of plastic film mechanization were summarized and dissected.The major problems in plastic film mulching mechanical technology are high cavity rate and low emergency rate caused by the dislocation between seedling and plastic film and the uneven of soil covering and unreliable dibbling mechanism.Generally,two problems should be emphasized in mechanically collecting plastic film:Firstly,the film is too thin and the poor strength of current used plastic film increased operation difficulty in using machine.Secondly,the single suitability of existing machine and low reliability of key working component causes difficulty in transporting of strip residual plastic film collected by machine and incomplete follow-up treatment reduced farmers' enthusiasm.Corresponding solutions were proposed to solve these problems:1) To improve the working effect and reliability of machine,design of plastic film mulching planter and collecting machine should reference to agronomic requirements;2) Improve the quality of agricultural plastic film and accelerate the development of biodegradable film.In conclusion,research on and development of the plastic film mulching machine and collecting machine of better quality and higher reliability are important guarantees to broaden the application field of plastic film mulching technology and improve the level of mechanization.


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