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-  2016 

Winkler-Pasternak弹性地基梁自由振动的二维弹性分析 Two-dimensional elastic analysis for free vibration of beams set on winkler-pasternak elastic foundations

DOI: 10.7511/jslx201602007

Keywords: Winkler-Pasternak弹性地基 梁 自由振动 量纲频率 微分求积法
Winkler-Pasternak elastic foundations beam free vibration dimensionless frequency Differential Quadrature Method

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Based on the two-dimension linear elasticity theory and applied the Hamilton's principle,the governing differential equations of free vibration for beam set on Winkler-Pasternak elastic foundation are derived.Using differential quadrature method (DQM),the free vibration dimensionless frequencies of beams are investigated numerically.With application of DQM in this paper,it illustrated that the method was validated and accurate for Bernoulli-Euler beams as well as for Timoshenko beams by comparison of previously reported results.Finally,the effect of the geometrical parameter on the non-dimensional frequency parameter of the beams,the influence and the convergence for dimensionless frequency owing to elastic coefficients of foundation under different boundary conditions are considered.


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