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-  2017 

Optimized design of MVB periodic dispatch table based on improved differential evolution algorithm

DOI: 10.7511/dllgxb201702015

Keywords: 多功能车辆总线 改进的差分进化算法 周期调度表 均匀度
multifunction vehicle bus (MVB) improved differential evolution algorithm periodic dispatch table evenness

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Optimization design of multifunction vehicle bus (MVB) periodic dispatch table is of great importance to improving the reliability of real-time communication of train and balancing the network load. To tackle the disadvantage of existing optimal schemes of MVB periodic dispatch table, an optimization design method is proposed based on improved differential evolution algorithm. Firstly, the mathematical model of the dispatch problem is built, and the optimal objective and constraints are obtained according to the IEC61375-1 international standard and dispatching requirements. Then, the variation and selection phases of differential evolution algorithm are modified with respect to the characteristics of the generation of periodic dispatch table, an optimization method for MVB periodic table is proposed. Finally, the simulation results prove that the improved differential evolution algorithm can achieve the better optimization results of MVB periodic dispatch table compared with existing optimization algorithms.


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