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-  2018 

Synthesis and characterization of high purity V2AlC prepared by pressureless sintering

DOI: 10.13700/

Keywords: MAX相,V2AlC,无压烧结,反应路径,烧结助剂
MAX phase
,V2AlC,pressureless sintering,reaction path,sintering aid

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摘要 采用无压烧结的方法,以V、Al、C混合粉末为原料制备V2AlC粉体材料。通过不同烧结温度下物相的演变过程对反应路径进行研究,同时探究了烧结助剂NaF对烧结过程的影响。实验结果表明,在1 300~1 500℃温度区间内V3Al2、C和VC发生反应生成V2AlC相,且无压烧结制备高纯V2AlC的最佳工艺为1 500℃保温2 h,元素摩尔配比为 V:Al:C=2:1.2:1。此外,烧结助剂NaF的使用加快了反应过程,并使得反应温度降至1 400℃。实验得到的高纯度、颗粒尺寸分布适中(40~100 μm)的V2AlC可用做提高材料耐磨性的增强体以及二维材料V2C的前驱体。
Abstract:In this paper, we reported the synthesis of high purity V2AlC by pressureless sintering with V, Al and C mixed powders. The reaction paths were studied and discussed according to the phase transformation at different sintering temperatures. Besides, the effect of sintering aid NaF on singtering process was stuied. The experimental results show that V2AlC was synthesized by the reaction of V3Al2, VC and C within the temperature range of 1 300-1 500℃ and that high purity V2AlC could be obtained with the optimized molar ratio of V:Al:C=2:1.2:1 at 1 500℃ for 2 h. In addition, the use of sintering aid NaF could greatly promote the reaction process and reduce the reaction temperature to 1 400℃. Based on the high purity and suitable size distribution (40~100 μm), the synthesized powders can be easily used as the reinforcement material or V2C precursor material.


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