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-  2017 

Performance analysis of a new-type third-order TVD limiter

DOI: 10.13700/

Keywords: 限制器,计算流体力学(CFD),激波,双锥绕流,气动热
,computational fluid dynamics (CFD),shocks,double-cone disturbance flow,aerothermodynamic

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摘要 在计算流体力学(CFD)方法中,限制技术是影响计算精度和计算稳定性的重要因素,目前应用较广的经典二阶总变差衰减(TVD)限制器虽能较好地满足计算要求,但性能差异大且分辨率和耗散的性能间并未得到良好权衡。对一种新型的三阶TVD插值限制器(T-3限制器)进行了研究并将其与3种经典限制器进行对比。首先通过一维黎曼问题,得出T-3限制器兼顾较高间断分辨率和良好稳定性的特点;接着通过高超声速双锥绕流和X-33外形飞行器的数值实验,得到T-3限制器具有刻画复杂流动的能力以及较优的气动热计算性能。
Abstract:For numerical scheme in computational fluid dynamics (CFD), limiter technology is an important factor affecting computational accuracy and stability. Although the present classical second-order total variation diminishing (TVD) limiters with a wide application can well satisfy the computing requirements, its performance not only largely differs but also cannot be properly weighted between resolution and dissipation. Therefore, a new third-order TVD interpolation limiter (T-3 limiter) has been studied and compared with three classical limiters. First, through one-dimensional Riemann problem, it has been found that T-3 limiter is simultaneously characterized by both high intermittent resolution and excellent stability; then, by numerical simulation of hypersonic flow over a double-cone body and X-33 configuration, it has been found that T-3 limiter boasts the capability of portraying complex flow and good aerothermodynamic calculation performance.


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