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-  2018 

A Study on Big Data Governance Capability of the United States, UK and Australia:Based on the Content Analysis of Big Data Policy

Keywords: 大数据,大数据治理能力,政策内容分析
big data
,big data governance capacity,policy content analysis

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摘要 文章以提升中国政府大数据治理能力为目的,在政策工具论的指导下,采用政策内容分析法,借助文本抽样、内容编码等具体手段对美国、英国及澳大利亚三国的大数据治理专项政策进行数据提取与理论分析。研究表明:除基础建设及技术发展等共性关注要素外,三国政府大数据治理要素的关联方式与各国治理目标及其对政府大数据的概念认知有关。三国政府大数据治理政策在治理目标的明确、治理要素关联性且政策具有针对性特征等方面,对我国政府大数据治理能力的提升有一定的借鉴意义。
Abstract: This paper aims at improving Chinese big data governance capability. Under the guidance of the policy tooltheory, the paper adopts the method of policy content analysis to extract the data of big data governance policies of thethree countries, including the United States, Britain and Australia. Data analysis results show that, in addition to common factors such as infrastructure construction and technological development, the relationships between the governance factors of the three countries' governments and their governance objectives are related to the definitions of government big data. In conclusion, providing clear governance objectives, emphasizing the relevance of governance elements and enhancing policy targets will help our government to enhance big data governance capabilities.


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