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-  2018 

Business-driven Government Big Data Platform Data Governance

Keywords: 数据治理,大数据治理,大数据平台,政府大数据,业务驱动
data governance
,big data governance,big data platform,big data in government,business-driven

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摘要 为研究跨系统和跨部门的政府大数据平台如何实现数据治理,文章采用案例研究法,选取宁波市三个政府部门建设的政府大数据平台,对各平台的高层管理者、负责人和技术人员开展了半结构化访谈以收集定性数据。案例分析揭示出跨系统和跨部门的数据治理路径涌现为数据集成、数据一致性、数据处理、数据存储和数据共享五个方面。研究表明:业务驱动是决定政府大数据平台数据治理路径的关键。
Abstract: This paper aims to investigate how across systems and sectors big data platforms in government agencies implement big data governance, three representative departments constructing big data platforms in Ningbo City are selected for case studies, in the meanwhile, top management, managers and technicians of every platform were interviewed to collect qualitative data. Research findings show that data integration, data consistency, data processing, datastorage and data sharing are the key approaches of big data governance in building the big data platforms. Through multiple case analyses, this study concludes that the most effective approach to big data platform data governance is business-driven.


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