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-  2018 

Load Measurement of Building Steel Bars Subjected to Lateral Pressure and Strong Earthquakes

DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1000-0844.2018.04.692

Keywords: 建筑承压,压力负荷,横向承压,钢筋负荷,强震
building pressure
,pressure load,lateral pressure,steel bar load,strong earthquake

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In strong earthquake environments, buildings are subjected to complicated lateral pressure force. In addition, given the different shapes of buildings and different sizes of force-bearing areas under earthquake conditions, strong earthquakes cause different impact sizes. This difference results in the stochastic complexity of lateral pressure. The traditional method for the detection of building pressure load has insufficient measurement ability for steel-bar load force and provides detection results that are prone to error. A method for the measurement of load on building steel bars under lateral pressure is proposed. The load variation characteristics of steel bars with different structures are tested and analyzed under the ideal elastic-plastic condition of the mechanical properties of the steel bars and different load conditions. Combined with the local pressure characteristics of the building, the method for the measurement of load on building steel bars under lateral pressure is designed and subjected to simulations. Results prove that the proposed method provides data with improved accuracy and has improved applicability.


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