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-  2018 

Analysis on signal to interference ratio gain and approximate coverage in heterogeneous cellular networks based on Poisson hole process modeling

Keywords: 异构蜂窝网络 泊松洞过程 平均干扰比 覆盖率
heterogeneous cellular network Poisson hole process(PHP) average interference ratio coverage

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移动通信业务的高速增长使得传统同构蜂窝网络结构不能满足用户对通信质量的要求,而异构网络架构可以有效解决这种问题。文中对泊松洞过程下异构蜂窝网络的覆盖率进行研究。首先,利用泊松洞过程(Poisson Hole Process, PHP)对异构蜂窝网络进行建模;然后以信干比(Signal to Interference Radio, SIR)分布为研究目标,利用泊松点过程的近似SIR分析方法,推导出PHP模型下网络SIR增益的具体表达式;最后,通过缩放泊松网络的信干比门限得到PHP模型下的近覆盖率。通过实验仿真,验证了所求近似增益的正确性。
The rapid growth of mobile communication services makes the traditional homogeneous cellular network structure be unable to meet users’ requirements for communication quality, but the heterogeneous network architecture can effectively solve this problem. This paper studies the coverage of heterogeneous cellular networks in the Poisson hole process(PHP). Firstly, the heterogeneous cellular network is modeled by Poisson hole process. Then, the signal to interference radio (SIR) distribution is used as a research target, and the approximate SIR analysis using the Poisson point process is used. In this way, the concrete expression of the network SIR gain on the PHP model is derived. Finally, the near coverage ratio on the PHP model is obtained by scaling the SIR in the Poisson network. the experimental simulation verifies the correctness of the approximated gain


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