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-  2017 

Theory and Technology of Comprehensive Combating Principle in Free Combat

DOI: 10.19582/j.cnki.11-3785/g8.2017.03.019

Keywords: free combat comprehensive combating offense and defense strike strike principle theory and technology research strategy actual combat theory

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Abstract: Free combat is an athletic opposition event and demonstrates offense and defense skills of Wushu. Offense and defense are the essential attributes of free combat, and also are the scientific foundations to instruct its training. This paper analyzed comprehensive combating principle in free combat by the method of literature review. The results showed that theory and technology of comprehensive combating principle include the following aspects. 1) During the offensive process, we should judge the hour and size up the situation, so that could cope with the change of opponent’s tactics and skills. 2) False-and-true strategy should be paid more attention to the. 3) We should grasp the best chance and use shortest, fastest and most efficient method to combat the opponent in the match. If want to discipline the opponent during the combating, we should pay more attention to know the enemy and know ourselves based on mastering the offense and defense skills principles. Based on fluent using of tactics, we should pay special attention to training advantage skill. Through the analysis of comprehensive combating principle and exploring its victory law, this study discussed some key factors for winning. So that we can enrich the theoretical system of free combat and provide scientific theoretical basis for the actual competition


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