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-  2017 

Sports Activities and Its Value Orientation of Baby Playing Paintings in China's Ancient Ceramics

DOI: 10.19582/j.cnki.11-3785/g8.2017.11.021

Keywords: ancient sport baby play paintings ceramics baby sport sports relics sports culture

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Abstract: Studying on the sports activities of baby playing paintings in China’s ancient ceramics can help us understand and reproduce the ancient baby’s sports activities, and help us dig into its meaning of sport and its social value. Based on archaeology, this study analyzed the sports activities of baby playing paintings in China’s ancient ceramics from the perspectives of sports science, semiotics, image science, folklore, sociology, art and aesthetics by the methods of literature review, field investigation, qualitative analysis and interdisciplinary research. Conclusions: The baby playing paintings in China’s ancient ceramics are the artistic reproduction and historical evidence of ancient children's sports in China; the original intention of baby painting with sports activities is to express children’s daily life and social ideals and wishes rather than express sports, and baby paintings convey that sports activity is ancient children’s main daily entertainment and leisure activities, and their form is influenced by ancient sports secularization, entertainment and leisure. The baby playing paintings in China’s ancient ceramics include specific historical and social value, Chinese traditional auspicious meaning and reproductive culture, reflect the prevailing social conditions and certain political intentions, and show the social function of ancient sports more or less; the good vision and valuable social values in them are also needed by modern society, and modern society and sports can derive the essence or inspiration form them


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