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-  2016 

Feasibility Analysis of Water Flooding with Multifractured Horizontal Wells in Ultralow Permeability Reservoirs

Keywords: 特低渗油藏,多段压裂水平井,注水开发,流线模拟,裂缝水窜,ultralow permeability reservoir,multifractured horizontal well,water flooding,streamline simulation,fracture channeling

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摘要: 摘要:针对特低渗油藏中多段压裂水平井注水开发的可行性问题,论文采用流线模拟方法,研究了多段压裂水平井在一注一采下的生产动态特征,探讨了影响压裂水平井注水开发的主控因素。模拟结果表明:在不发生水窜的情况下,压裂水平井注水能增大单井注入量,提高采油速度和阶段采出程度。同时,交错部署裂缝,裂缝穿透比为02~04时利于注水开发。裂缝水窜增大压裂水平井注水风险,边部水窜、多条裂缝水窜,加速油井水淹,从而丧失压裂水平井注水的优势。在地质条件稳定,裂缝规模可控的条件下,可以尝试开展多段压裂水平井注水实验。研究结果可为特低渗油藏中多段压裂水平井注水提供理论支持。
Abstract: Abstract:For the feasibility of water flooding with multifractured horizontal wells in ultralow permeability reservoirs, using the streamline simulation, this paper studied the production dynamic behavior of the system including one injector and one producer with multifractured horizontal wells and then discussed the controlling factors affecting the systems water flooding. Simulation results show that without fracture channeling, horizontal wells can increase the injection volume and enhance the production rate and recovery. Its conducive for water flooding when the fracture distribution is not symmetric and the fracture penetration ratio is between 02 and 04. However, fracture channeling will increase the risk of water flooding with multifractured horizontal wells. Fracture channeling at the wellbores edge or multifracture channeling will accelerate the water breakthrough, thus fractured horizontal wells will lose their advantage. When the geological environment is stable and the fracture scale can be controlled, the experiment of water flooding with multifractured horizontal wells can be done. Results from this study can provide theoretical support for water flooding with multifractured horizontal wells in ultralow permeability reservoirs


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