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-  2018 

Reasonable Waterinjecting Development Methods of Multiplefracturing Horizontal Well in UltraLow Permeability Glutenite Reservoir

Keywords: 特低渗透油藏,多段压裂水平井,注水开发,注水吞吐,超前注水,ultralow permeability reservoir,multiplefracturing horizontal well,waterinjection development,water injection & production,advanced waterinjection

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摘要: 在特低渗砂砾岩的储层条件下,采用长井段压裂水平井弹性开发时,常出现产能随地层能量衰竭较快,难以收回开发成本的问题,采用多相渗流理论和油藏数值模拟的方法,以盐家地区特低渗砂砾岩油藏盐227块为例,根据现场实际资料,建立油藏数值模型,对盐家地区砂砾岩油藏的注水开发的可行性进行研究。基于不同开发方式的渗流机理和开发规律,研究了常规注水、超前注水、注水吞吐开发等措施的合理性,提出了针对特低渗油藏多段压裂水平井的有效开发方案,研究结果表明:与弹性开发相比,采用注水开发能解决地层能量衰竭较快的问题的同时,增大了储层动用面积及驱替时效;注水吞吐的最终含水率比常规注水降低25%左右,超前注水在前期能提高常规弹性开发产量的30%左右,可见这两种新型开发方式有利于抑制水淹和提高采收率。
Abstract: At the ultralow permeability glutenite reservoir conditions, when elastic development is used for the long well section fractured horizontal well, the productivity reduces rapidly as the formation energy reducing and the cost of development cant withdraw. Using the multiphase seepage theory and reservoir numerical simulation method, and taking the example of the Yan 227 block in ultralow permeability glutenite reservoir of Yanjia area, the reservoir numeric model is built up according to the actual data. The paper makes a feasibility research on water injection development in glutenite reservoir of Yanjia area. In the meanwhile, based on flowing mechanism and production law, the paper studies on the reasonability of normal water injection development,advanced water injection development and water injection & production development. Then the effective development methods is presented about the horizontal well in ultralow permeability reservoir. The result shows that: the water rate of water injection & production is 25% lower than normal waterinjection development and advanced water injection can improve about 30% production more than normal elastic development at the early period. So these two new development ways are useful to controlling the water logging problem and improving the recovery degree


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