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Lithosphere Effective Elastic Thickness and Its Tectonic Implications in Taiwan Strait and Its Adjacent Regions

DOI: 10.3799/dqkx.2017.524

Keywords: 台湾海峡,有效弹性厚度,均衡响应函数,岩石圈,构造地质.
Taiwan Strait
, effective elastic thickness, isostatic response function, lithosphere, tectonic geology.

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Taiwan Strait and its adjacent regions are located in the tectonic interaction front of Eurasia plate and Philippine Sea plate, they have alternately or jointly undergone extrusion, shearing and stretching tectonic processes. The isostatic adjustment has a profound effect on the tectonic evolution of Taiwan region under the complex stress environment. In this paper, we calculated the lithosphere effective elastic thickness (Te) of Taiwan Strait and its adjacent regions by isostatic response function method, and eliminated the sediment effect by stripping method, then we attained the effective thickness changes along the profile across Taiwan Strait. The effective thickness changes and its tectonic significance were analyzed, combining inversion results of Moho depth and Curie depth. The results show that the lithosphere effective elastic thickness of Taiwan Strait and its adjacent regions range from 22 to 8km. The continental lithosphere in eastern China shows thinning trend eastward by decreasing effective elastic thickness from west to east. The effective elastic thickness increasing eastward under Taiwan Island is likely to be associated with obduction extrusion of Philippine plate. A high correlation between effective elastic thickness and Curie depth reflects Te is controlled by lithosphere temperature structure


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