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-  2016 

Study on the performance of FPB-LRB combined isolation

Keywords: FPB支座,LRB支座,联合作用,布设位置,隔震率
FPB bearing
, LRB bearing, combined action, layout position, isolation rate

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FPB support and LRB support are bearing more popularity at present, of which each has its unique advantages and disadvantages. With the aid of a combined 3 span prestressed concrete box girder bridge, the combined effects of FPB-LRB were discussed. The nonlinear process analysis method was used to analyze the influence of different LRB bearings layout position of FPB-LRB isolated bridges, and only laid FPB supports were compared. The results show that the FPB-LRB isolates bridges with FPB isolated bridges with better isolation performance, proper layout of LRB support position can further improve the FPB-LRB isolation of bridge damping ratio


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