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-  2018 

Study on the influencing factors of river tunnel segment floating in karst-erosion geology

Keywords: 管片上浮,云模型,盾构施工,岩溶-侵蚀地质
floating segment
, cloud model, shield construction, karst-eroded geology

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This paper aimed at promptly eliminating the security risks of segment floating when the crossed river tunnel shield tunneling, thereby ensuring the safety and quality of tunnel construction. The special terrain under the coupled with karst-erosion in the crossed river tunnel construction area was considered, and the important influencing indicators of segment floating on the existing tunnel construction were combined. A method was proposed for the evaluation of shield tunnel safety based on cloud model theory. A set of evaluation index system was established which affects the floating segment of the shield tunnel. Based on the cloud model algorithm, a comprehensive evaluation of digital features was obtained and cloud drops were generated. Calculation results prove that: (1) Security evaluation method based on loud model can quantify the qualitative evaluation criteria of segment construction; (2) The evaluation method of cloud model can reduce the subjectivity of evaluation criteria. On the basis of existing norms, the proposed method can provide some countermeasures and reference for the construction of the tunnel


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