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-  2018 

Maple calculation of the transition polynomial of plane graph

DOI: 10.6040/j.issn.1671-9352.0.2017.218

Keywords: 平图,4-正则图,transition多项式,Maple程序,
plane graph
,4-regular graph,Maple program,transition polynomial

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摘要: 将现有的计算方法改进得到了一种新的计算平图的transition多项式的方法。算法使用了圈置换的方法计算每个transition操作所产生的欧拉圈的数目。利用Maple软件编写出了该算法的程序,通过这个程序,可以实现任意一个平图的transition多项式的计算。
Abstract: A new algorithm to evaluate transition polynomials of plane graph is obtained by improving the existing computational method. The algorithm uses cyclic permutations to count the number of Euler cycles to each transition system. The algorithm can be implemented easily by the computer program written in Maple environment


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