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-  2018 

Study on mechanical properties of self-piercing riveted joints of aluminum alloy metal foam sandwich sheet

DOI: 10.7520/1001-4888-17-020

Keywords: 自冲铆 泡沫金属 夹层板 力学性能 断口分析
self-piercing riveting metal foam sandwich sheet mechanical properties fracture analysis

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Self-piercing riveting tests of AA5052 aluminum alloy metal foam sandwich sheet was carried out to investigate the join-ability. Static properties of each group of joints were compared by static tests, and the influnence of different kinds of metal foam on mechanical properties of self-piercing riveted joints were analyzed. Typical joint fracture was investigated by scanning electron microscope, and the microscopic failure mechanism was analyzed. Results show that self-piercing riveting can realize effective connection of metal foam sandwich sheet, and the joint has good forming quality. The metal foam interlayer improves the static performance of self-piercing riveted joint. Among them, the nickel foam interlayer makes static failure load of AA5052 self-piercing riveted joint to increase by 4.1%. The failure mode of self-piercing riveted joint of sandwich sheet is the separation of rivet from lower sheet. The fracture region of the lower sheet of self-piercing riveted joint of iron-nickel foam sandwich sheet attached at the bottom of the rivet tail, exhibiting ductile fracture mechanism; the rivet and the lower sheet scratch violently when the inner lock region fails, showing a lamellar structure with delamination


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