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-  2018 


DOI: 10.13543/j.bhxbzr.2018.01.015

Keywords: 微菱形孔,密封性能,轴面,泵汲率,唇形密封,
,sealing performance,shaft surface,pump suction rate,lip seal

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Abstract:By comprehensive consideration of liquid film cavitation and mass conservation boundary conditions, a model of an oil seal with micro-diamonds textured on the axial surface has been established, and the film pressure distribution and the influence of the micro-diamond structure parameters on the sealing performance have been obtained through numerical calculation. The results showed that the dynamic pressure effect caused by the diamond pores causes the oil film pressure field to change, which results in changes in the reliability of the seal liquid membrane, lubricating properties and pump suction effects. The pump suction direction, stability of liquid membrane and friction reduction can be controlled by changing the structure. In order to both improve the stability of the liquid film and the pump suction effect, and reduce the leakage rate and wear, the axial surface micro-diamond pores should have an optimum texture in the range γ=0.4-0.6, h1=1.5-4.5μm and α=40°-50°.


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