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-  2018 


DOI: 10.13543/j.bhxbzr.2018.06.019

Keywords: 双螺杆挤出机,三连通区域,热传导方程,共形映射,
twin screw extruder
,three connected regions,heat conduction equation,conformal mapping

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Abstract:The main result in this paper is an important method for simplifying computation of fluid flow in a twin screw extruder. The sections of fluid flow area inside the extruder are complex time-dependent three-connected regions. In this paper, conformal mappings are used to map the three-connected regions into time-independent regions with circular boundaries and, in addition, the flow area is mapped into a cylindrical time-independent area. As a result, computation of the fluid flow is greatly simplified. As an example, a heat conduction problem for a region with a circular boundary as the outer boundary and two elliptical boundaries rotating over time as the inner boundaries was solved numerically using our the mapping method. The exact solution and the numerical solution were compared. The numerical results show that our method is feasible and can be used to compute problems relating to the fluid flow in a twin screw extruder.


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