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-  2018 


DOI: 10.13543/j.bhxbzr.2018.06.005

Keywords: 复合材料,氧化石墨烯,环氧树脂,拉伸性能,弯曲性能,
,graphene oxide,epoxy resin,tensile properties,flexural properties

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以天然石墨为原料,利用改进的Hummers法制备氧化石墨烯,并对其进行X-射线衍射(XRD)和傅里叶变换红外光谱(FT-IR)表征。之后利用一种新型的有机溶剂三缩水甘油基对氨基苯酚(TGPAP)作为相转移剂和表面活性剂,将氧化石墨烯(GO)从水溶液转移到环氧树脂基体中,去除水分,加入固化剂进而得到混合液,最后利用浇铸法得到复合材料。通过万能测试拉力机对复合材料的拉伸性能和弯曲性能进行测试,结果表明氧化石墨烯的加入能够有效增强复合材料的力学性能:在添加0.1%(质量分数)的氧化石墨烯时,复合材料拉伸强度达到最大值77.29 MPa,与不添加氧化石墨烯相比提高了26.60%;在添加1.0%的氧化石墨烯时,拉伸模量达到最大值2 451.99 MPa,与纯环氧树脂相比提高了21.69%。
Abstract:Graphene oxide has been prepared from natural graphite by the well-known Hummers' method with some modifications and the GO was characterized by XRD and FT-IR. Triglycidyl para-aminophenol (TGPAP) was used to facilitate direct and rapid transfer of the GO dispersion from water to an epoxy resin. The TGPAP acted not only as a phase transfer agent but also as an efficient surface modifier. Removal of the water from the epoxy resin and additon of hardener to the mixture afforded composite materials by a casting method. The tensile and flexural properties of the composites were measured with a universal tensile testing machine. The result showed that the mechanical properties were enhanced after the addition of graphene oxide. When the concentration of GO in the epoxy matrix was 0.1 wt.%, the tensile strength reached its maximum value of 77.29 MPa, which is 26.60% higher than that without GO, and the tensile modulus reached a maximum of 2 451.99 MPa at a GO concentration of 1.0wt.%, which is 21.69% higher than the corresponding value for the pure sample.


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