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-  2018 


DOI: 10.13543/j.bhxbzr.2018.05.007

Keywords: 超浸润电极,气体析出反应,气体消耗反应,超疏气性,超亲气性,
superwetting electrode
,gas-evolution reaction,gas-consumption reaction,superaerophobicity,superaerophilicity

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Abstract:Gas-involved electrochemical reactions, including gas evolution reactions and gas consumption reactions, are essential components of energy conversion processes and are attracting increasing attention from researchers. Alongside the development of highly active catalysts, gas management during gas-involved electrochemical reactions is equally critical if industrial applications are to achieve high reaction rates (hundreds of milliamperes per square centimeter) under practical operation voltages. Although a series of nanoarray-based structured electrodes have been constructed and shown to have excellent performance in gas-involved electrochemical reactions, our understanding of bubble wetting behavior remains rudimentary. Starting from the definition of superaerophobic and superaerophilic, this paper focuses on methods of optimizing the electrode structure to prepare super-gassing and super-aerobic electrode surfaces and applications of the resulting electrodes in various energy conversion systems. Finally, we discuss the future development of super-wetting electrodes and their applications in electrocatalysis.


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