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-  2018 


DOI: 10.13543/j.bhxbzr.2018.03.010

Keywords: 双跨轴系,振动控制,磁流变阻尼器,比例-积分-微分(PID)控制,振幅反馈,
two-span rotor system
,vibration control,magneto-rheological damper,proportion-integration-differentiation(PID),amplitude feedback

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Abstract:In order to study the vibration problems of rotating machinery consisting of a two-span shaft around its critical speeds, a two-span rotor test rig was built, and two magneto-rheological dampers were installed on the two coupled rotors without changing the original support. Subsequently, by incorporating a proportion-integration-differentiation (PID) control method, a semi-active control system for the two-span rotor system vibration was established. Using vibration amplitude as the feedback parameter, the system controlled the electric currents of the magneto-rheological at any time allowing the rotor system vibration to be controlled online. In addition, in order to study how the proportionality coefficient influences the control effect, the value of K was varied. The experimental results indicated that the PID control system based on magneto-rheological dampers can successfully suppress the vibration of the two coupled rotors at their critical speeds. For higher values of K, the control effect is better, but very large values of K make the control effect worse. Therefore K should be large in the case of a rotor with a large critical vibration and smaller in the case of a rotor with a smaller critical vibration.


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