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-  2018 


DOI: 10.13543/j.bhxbzr.2018.02.008

Keywords: 稠油,乳化降黏,粘多糖,破乳,
heavy oil
,emulsification and viscosity reduction,mucopolysaccharide,demulsification

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利用本实验室生产的粘多糖A对辽河重质稠油进行乳化降黏试验,系统考察油水质量比、多糖浓度、乳化温度、乳化转速和乳化时间对稠油乳化降黏的影响。结果表明:将油水质量比6:4,多糖质量浓度150 mg/L的稠油溶液放入温度25 ℃、转速160 r/min的摇床乳化6 h,稠油黏度由87000 mPa·s降至310 mPa·s,降黏率达到99.6%。此外,通过对乳化降黏后稠油破乳处理研究发现,稠油在室温静置24 h后即可实现油水分离,且破乳后的多糖水溶液可以重复使用2批次,显著降低了多糖乳化剂及后续稠油脱出水处理成本。因此,该粘多糖A可广泛应用于稠油乳化降黏开采和输送领域。
Abstract:The aim of the present study is to develop an efficient and cost-effective method for viscosity reduction of the heavy oil from the Liaohe oilfield by using mucopolysaccharide A as an emulsifier. The effects of varying the oil-water mass ratio, emulsifier concentration, emulsifying temperature, emulsifying agitation speed and emulsifying time on the emulsification and viscosity reduction were investigated. When a 6:4 mass ratio of oil to water and 150 mg/L dosage of emulsifier were shaken at 25℃ at 160 r/min for 6 h, the viscosity of the heavy oil decreased from 87000 mPa·s to 310 mPa·s, giving a viscosity reduction of 99.6%. In addition, the separated water containing the polysaccharide essentially maintained its emulsifying and degreasing effect for two batches, indicating its potential for reducing the cost of emulsifier production and demulsifying treatment. These results suggest that mucopolysaccharide A can be widely used in the mining and transportation of heavy oil.


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