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-  2016 


DOI: 10.13276/j.issn.1674-8913.2016.05.006

Keywords: 胃肿瘤, 全胃切除, 结肠肿瘤, 全结肠切除, 生存
stomach neoplasm
, total gastrectomy, colon neoplasm, total colectomy, survival

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This article presented a patient whose stomach was totally cut for gastric cancer and colon was removedseven years later for colon cancer associated with malignant multiple polyposis. Based on the case, we aim to discussthe anatomic-physiological relationship between the stomach and the colon, the indications, operation modes, tumor-freeoperative skills, and tumor-killing techniques of the whole gastric-colon resection, and the prevention of postoperativecomplications. The near 3-year follow-up after the operation showed the patient had a normal daily life, which proves thata person can live on after the removal of the stomach and colon


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