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-  2017 


DOI: 10.13360/j.issn.2096-1359.2017.05.004

Keywords: 相对尖削度, 单板, 旋切, 静曲强度, 弹性模量
relative taper
, veneer, rotary cutting, modulus of rupture, modulus of elasticity

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对较大尖削度原木或小径材进行旋切加工时, 不可避免地会发生在平行于切削方向且垂直于切削平面内的单板切削方向与木材纤维方向形成夹角的现象, 这在一定程度上会增大原材料的损耗, 同时,木材纤维的走向也会影响制品的性能。为提高木材的利用率并保证所制产品的质量, 采用倾斜安装旋切刀片的切削方式进行单板旋切加工, 并测定单板所制胶合板和单板层积材的静曲强度和弹性模量。结果表明:边材部位纤维锥角的变化范围小于心材部位; 旋切刀在平行安装方式与倾斜安装方式下进行切削, 纤维锥角的变化趋势不变, 但后者更小。旋切刀倾斜安装的方式可以提高原木边材部位切削单板的质量, 对单板的静曲强度、单板层积材和薄单板所制胶合板的性能都有较好的改善效果。
When peeing the logs with large taper or small diameter, an angle between the wood grain direction and tangential plane on the side surface of the peeling veneer was unavoidable, which could increase raw material waste and worsen the product properties due to the wood grain orientation. In order to improve the utilization of wood and the quality of veneers, this study used a method that the blade had an angle with the log axle in the veneer peeling process. The modulus of rupture(MOR)and modulus of elastic(MOE)of the plywood and laminated veneer lumber(LVL)made from these veneers were examined. The results showed that the variation range of fiber taper angle for sapwood was smaller than that of heartwood. For different peeling methods resulted from the paralleled and oblique installation of the cutters, the change trend of fiber taper angle was stable although the taper angle resulted from the later installation way was smaller. The results of mechanical analysis showed that the MOR of the plywood and the LVL that made from the veneers peeled by the oblique cutter were higher than those peeled by paralleled cutter. No significant difference in the MOE of the plywood and LVL was found between these two methods. It was concluded that the oblique installation method could improve the quality of peeling products made from sapwood and improve the MOR of the LVL and plywood that made of these veneers


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